Steering Committee(SC)

The Steering Committee will consist of one representative per beneficiary: 

  • D. Scalarone (University of Turin) 
  • P. Croveri (CCR)
  • I. Saccani (CESMAR7)
  • F. Waentig (CICS)
  • W. Müller (Schmincke)
  • T. Sawicki (Warsaw Academy)
  • S. Sunara (University of Split)
  • J. Bilić (METRIS)
  • V. Čakširan (Sisak Municipal Museum)
  • C. Panari (University of Parma)
  • T. Rivas Brea (University of Vigo)
  • J. Portella (Montana Colors)
  • S. Testori (Medhiartis)

The SC’s main tasks will be:
1- Elaboration of a Quality Plan (QP) written in consultation with all partners.
2- Elaboration and monitoring of a Risk Register (RR)
3. Detection of any critical situation emerging from the partners’ reports (interim reports, informal reporting), from the PM or from direct observation.
4. The SC will also cooperate with a group of 4 students, in representation of a target group not directly involved in the project, but nonetheless essential to quality assurance (QA) and internal evaluation procedures (see also WP9).
5. Organisation of periodical meetings to monitor the Risk Register and evaluate reporting from partners and target groups.
6. Organisation of ad hoc meetings in conjunction with the completion of milestones (WP5 and WP6)
7. Checking of linguistic accuracy, which will have an important role in QA. Medhiartis will make available to all partners its internal linguist, who will be responsible for the checking and outsourcing of translations, the creation of a project glossary (PG), the implementation of a TRADOS-based translation memory (TM), and the checking of linguistic consistency and accuracy for all internal and external material.