During the International Congress COLORE E CONSERVAZIONE 2018 – SUPPORT (the) IMAGE organized by CESMAR7, which took place at Campus Cà Foscari in Venice (Italy) from 23 to 24 November 2018, Ilaria Saccani (CESMAR7) and Dominique Scalarone (UNITO) presented a paper related to the CAPuS project, “Considerations on street art supports through the artists’ voice” (authors: D. Scalarone, M. Bertasa, P. Croveri, M. Cardinali, S. Stoisa, I. Saccani, G. Cavanna, R. Bestetti, D. Riggiardi, A. Tibiletti). The research was focused on the analysis of supports and their preparation, whether the artist is considering or not the support preparation in his/her practice, and how this aspect could influence the artwork conservation.


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