Sagita Mirjam Sunara (University of Split) participated at the 2019 Festival of Science in Split, where she gave a talk on the painted steel sculpture Object II by Josip Diminić (1979) from the Sisak Steelworks Sculpture Park. The lecture titled “U potrazi za izgubljenim bojama: konzerviranje-restauriranje skulpture Objekt II autora Josipa Diminića iz Parka skulptura Željezare Sisak” was held in the northern tower of the Split University Library on April 9, 2019.

The sculpture Object II had been in a state of great deterioration and underwent an extensive conservation-restoration treatment in 2014. The treatment was performed by the Conservation-Restoration Department of the Arts Academy in Split, and included removal of the old paint and full repainting of the sculpture.

Sculpture Object II by Josip Diminić before the 2014 conservation-restoration works

In her talk Sunara briefly presented the research conducted as a part of the CAPuS project, which aims at identifying the best method for removal of old paint from steel surfaces, and the best coating systems for outdoor steel sculptures. Under Sunara’s mentorship, conservation-restoration student Jelena Hudinčec is designing a methodology for testing and evaluating different paint removal techniques, and for evaluating the performance of commercially available coating systems for exterior steel surfaces.


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